Michele Stefanelli

Senior Partners & Founder

Michele Stefanelli is a Senior Financial Analyst with peculiar strong skills on the carrier's balance sheet, including a profit and loss account, and cash-flow data for the preceding and current financial years as well as forecasts for the medium- long term period. He started his career in 1987 at the financial Primeconsult, a company belonged to FIAT and MPS Bank. Moreover he is a Forex expert having organized and managed the Forex and Risk management departments at IFIS Merchant, working close to Sebastiano Fustenberg. He was involved as Treasury Advisor in several Italian large industries (eg. Carraro Group S.p.a and Doimo Group). He led several development projects in corporate finance and shareholder agreements (eg. SNAI gambling).

Areas of Expertise

Since few years ago, due the strength experience in FOREX, he was professionally involved in the cryptocurrencies analysis and trends as Senior Analyst and researcher, in several “Think tanks” and start up Projects. He started for promoting bitcoin as a viable currency, and blockchain technology as a revolutionary force in finance including a new horizon in the Corporate Finance management.