Emanuele Romanato

Senior Partner & Founder

Emanuele Romanato is an educated and a lateral thinker.  He brings extensive management experience having worked as a senior consultant, managing director and president  for several private industries, clusters and organizations in different sectors, which include Business Innovation Centres (E.U. EBN), U.N. U.N.I.D.O. , Altran Group, Navigate Consortium - aerospace and telecommunication Industries ( president), N.A.T.O. ( military Economic Analyst).

Positions that allowed him economic and financial management skills, new markets development, human resources management, high- level relationships with industrial and research companies, Agencies and Organizations in different countries and continents. He has tailored for several entities scouting and selection of Industrial business projects, hunting team of engineers and analysts, marketing and leading Hi-Tech projects, and not last the Project Financing and Asset Management.

Areas of Expertise

He possesses certain expertise and skills in business management and corporate governance, having as its focus the ability to face new challenges and welcome innovations as well an old fashion diplomatic way on forging relationships. With that comes a host of managerial expertise, experience, and a seasoned methodical approach characterised by an entrepreneurial "vision".