Adriano Cagliani

Lawyer & Partner

Adriano  Cagliani is a very reliable, efficient and task oriented professional. Involved in civil court litigations, with high capacities of counseling and advising, interpreting the legal context and quickly developing successful strategies and arguments. Not only he prepared thorough legal documents, he also has outstanding negotiating skills vis à vis of both the judge and the opposite party. He is a determined, technically prepared, resilient lawyer and, most important, he delivers results. During his career, he established solid relationships with banks, insurance groups, money managers and mutual funds. The professional growth dives him the ability to think strategically to identify new business sectors, in order to apply the juridical skills to analyze new opportunities.

Areas of Expertise

He usually works on negotiations with investors and private client worldwide, to navigate the parties without prejudice to national law as regards the definition of contract. He assists  in the implementation and performance of such peculiar contracts, particularly focused on cryptocurrencies market, trading of financial instruments and commodities.